Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rah. Back from Holiday.

I've been away, I am back! More precisely, I've been teaching in Cornwall and Devon and holidaying in Land's End, which seemed to be the best place to get away from it all. It sure was silent out there.
Teaching is fun - I am now on the staff of Plymouth University (well, I am associate lecturer, which I think just about counts). I spent two days doing tutorials, and I hope I was useful. It'll be good to see all those guys again in two weeks' time and see what's happened.

Otherwise I had to go to the doctor for feeling completely awful stomach-wise, and now I have tablets and advice which includes things like not to live on tasty salads and making sure to chew some of the time, possibly it might help not to eat and work simultaneously.
And that's why this post is short: I have to both do a lot of stuff and a lot of nothing at all today, to keep on track with work and to not fall over with exhaustion.
See you later :)

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