Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day Off

So I decided to take the day off for home improvement purposes.


This shelf, now, is more green than brown, but reluctantly so. I will get back to it. And I will have things framed. And I will paint the other shelf. All this will happen.

However, halfway through this I realised that I am supposed to be handing in all the finished linework for chapter two of "The Sleepwalkers" to my art director on Tuesday, and that the only possible time to finish those files was RIGHT NOW. So much for my day off. And while I was at it I ordered some new toner for the printer and printed out the layouts for another book I am pitching at the moment - I wrote a test chapter on the train from Plymouth, and it sure is weird. I am quite pleased with it, actually.
Then I noticed my hand got firmly glued around the paintbrush with green, and I had to soak it off in the sink.

At least the morning was rather perfect. My lovely boyfriend cooked me some porridge, which is doctor's orders for breakfast. It's much less awful if someone else cooks it.
We cycled to a couple of places that we might want to use for exciting future events.
Then we went and had Vietnamese lunch, and I was (as often, these days) so happy that I had to remind myself humans don't express themselves in weird yelping gurgles of joy in public while running in circles around the object of their admiration. Not in Deptford, anyway.

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Swati said...

Get well soon! And eat well! We liked your book, although of course, the title was contested hotly by my little one :)