Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Did I get things done?
Yeah, I got some things done.
My To Do pinboard is now only HALF covered in scraps of pink paper. My old mac now runs Linux, but still likes to have a black screen for every sort of conceivable reason, including gravity and Tuesday.
Now I just need to add some numbers, book some tickets, write a boring story not about existential elephants, pick up some stuff from the old flat and buy drinks for Friday's launch do.

Looking for the day at the bottom of a double espresso. Or triple? How much can you get into one mug?
I wonder if I can reasonably do most of this in my pyjamas on the sofa while waiting for my fancy phone to be delivered.

What I really would LIKE to do is go out and raid some skips for boards to paint on. I spotted a good few when I cycled back from the studio yesterday evening...
I'm not 100% sure what to paint yet, but probably it will be a whole series of donkeys and maybe goats.

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Clare said...

Woohoo, Linux!