Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monkey Blues

I've had some tiring days.
Yesterday I did two events at the Starlit children's book festival in Hoxton, both first thing in the morning, on Tube Strike Day. It took me a long time to get there, and a longer time to get back, and in-between I drew pictures and read cat-books for and with about 60 very lovely children.
I hadn't really slept more than a couple of hours on account of stomach ache and insomnia - I spent about an hour reading about entropy and open systems on the sofa (normally soporific).
Thankfully I was fortified with hugs and food and eventually some proper sleep.

Today I decided that it's time to actually leave my lovely desk at my publisher's office as soon as possible instead of dribblingly slowly to move into a rather brilliant new space I recently found.
I spent a while shuffling about looking for a corner to hide and maybe have a cry, but then I had two strong cups of tea instead and decided it was all for the best really.
So I went and painted the first set of pictures in the new place. These are for an exhibition of monkey pictures I'll have there soon, and they will be for sale. Blue monkeys are a bit sad.
Yellow monkeys will be happy, and red monkeys... not quite sure yet. I need to buy some more fade resistant inks, actually.
Life is good, and definitely going somewhere, but (as I just told a friend) sometimes it feels a bit like cycling down the motorway with a family of monkeys telling yourself "It's ok because when we arrive we'll all have dinner together, that'll be lovely". Which is a very specific state of emotion that I had been completely unaware of until recently.
Mostly happy, except when too tired to move.

If you want to buy some monkey paintings, incidentally, watch this space, I'll announce the exhibition properly soon.

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Kirsty said...

Red monkeys...
My first thought is angry, but you might not be wanting that? If it was a pinkish red, could be romantic, or an orange red could be energetic? Maybe mischievous or cheeky?

Glad you've found a place to work and things are going well!