Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deleting The Past and Turning Android

Getting Things Done Day. Again! I thought it was Tuesday or something. Is it?
I am attempting to get all boring paperwork out of the way by the simple means of starting on a new piece of paperwork once I finished one. This is a new idea for me, normally I'd go "Aaaah, well done, now a cup of tea and some drawing".
So... yes, that worked well for most of the day, but now I do need a break, and I allowed myself to start on setting up a studio computer. I got my old G4 12" aluminium PowerBook down from the shelf, and I wiped it because it's gone slow and melancholy. Right now Linux Ubuntu 10.4 is installing, and it's a good feeling - I know there are files disappearing right now that I never backed up, some old photos, bits of writing, emails... This computer has been with me for a long time, and one reason I stopped using it was actually that it felt like too much past was lurking on there, and I couldn't bring myself to sort through it all.
Now I decided that if after several years of never switching it on I never felt the lack of any of those files, I probably never will. And it's a shame that it's not being used, it is such a pretty computer... people keep wanting to buy it off me even though it has neither a webcam nor WiFi. Back when I bought it the ability to play DVDs was, you know, the cutting edge THING. Remember, back when only yuppies had mobiles. Mm.

Ubuntifying a mac. Like making a Hackintosh but really not.

Also: I just bought my very first smartphone, which should arrive tomorrow. I am planning to use it creatively. Let's see what happens. It's an android phone, so I should be able to tinker with it. I've missed tinkering with computers, a bit.

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