Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Best Place On Earth... my new studio.

Still needs some paint.

Shelves shelves sheeeelves!

Used up some green paint there. Check it out: designated space to hang a hairdryer!

There will be exhibitions here!

Sometimes dreams come true!
Ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!


warriorgrrl said...

Ooo that's fab! Am very jealous of your gorgeous new pad too. Am available to come and play ukulele and sing at any shows you have at your studio btw...

Viviane Schwarz said...

Woooo hoo yes please :)
I shall start planning!
Come visit the studio any time...

Yes somehow it's all come out perfect for once...

Rima said...

It's brilliant!
I await hexibitions with glee!
Bravo Viviane for your all round good things going on :)

Dave Shelton said...

Ooh, lovely. And spacious. Close to home? Part of your home? A healthy commute away?

Congratulations (and envy), anyway.