Monday, September 6, 2010

Evening post

Good evening!
I just feel like blogging because it's raining outside, and in a minute I'll have to go out there and leave the internet behind.
All I am thinking about is house things... I devised a way that will hopefully allow me to make curtains for the attic windows in the bedrooms using some basic IKEA curtain rails and leftover dressmaking fabric. I've been moving the plans around in my head all day and checking them from all angles, complicating and simplifying, and now I think I've got it worked out. I bought all the parts I need today, and got into an IKEA rage because they were sold out of half the stuff I came there for (especially the nice orange bird fabric) and so I bought a ceramic knife sharpener to cheer myself up. Now I have very sharp knifes. I really must make a leather sheath for the smaller one, I don't like it knocking about in the cutlery drawer... I worry about sharp objects, reason being that I sometimes faint when I cut myself at all, even tiny cuts, which is quite annoying. It's not that I can't stand the sight of blood - it just makes me go and call an ambulance if needed. But the slightest injury to myself and I go white and keel over, whether I am upset or hurt or not. Normally I have time to say "Oh bother, sorry everyone", which doesn't really help.
Anyway, time to go home and curl up and dream of white curtains...

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