Thursday, August 5, 2010

No picture today, not because I didn't draw one. I'm still diligently doing my one page a day, and today I delivered a sequence of three to have speech bubbles and type added. I looked over the shoulder of the deigner making my font, and I'm rather excited about it... odd black blobs on her screen that looked definitely like something I'd done, and they'll all be put together to make letters and words and sentences and stories. And I won't have to hand-letter all those hundreds of bubbles. Life is good.

I also just went to see "Inception" and in some ways I liked it but overall I feel a bit like I should have been paid to watch it for some reason. Probably that's just an idea that seeped into my subconscious while watching all those actors work so hard to be characters when all their dialogue was basically a manual for a non-existing science. Yeah, I do hope they got paid well.

Hm, the house is silent, and I shall sleep, and tomorrow I get to draw a particularly easy comic page where everyone just talks and drinks tea at the breakfast table, so I even just have to draw them from the chest up. I might take the afternoon off to go for a walk in the city...

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