Saturday, August 7, 2010


It's definitely Accounting Weekend. I must get my books ready to send off, because there's family visits and house-moving ahead, and buckets of work. I'd like to write some interesting things about how life is going, but even though I'm rather happy I can only think of few things, and they are all boring. I've cricked my left shoulder. I've changed my breakfast habits from just decaf coffee to decaf and muesli. I bought a small stunt kite but haven't tried it yet. It's raining. I need to go and water someone's plants, but I'd rather have a nap. I really, really must sort all my receipts today. And at work: good things are happening, co-editions, new plans. I want to finish writing my half-novel about foxes, and thought about it yesterday for a while, wondering if the next big scene I have planned is plain wrong. But all that is vague.
Sometimes it's nice not to have anything spectacular to write about for a while. Things are just going well. Yay.


Sarah said...

Muesli is good! I love it with cinnamon. Just wanted to say hi! :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

It is isn't it!
Hey, I have decided to have monday as my wor at home day, should we have some monday panda lunch some time?