Thursday, August 12, 2010

Furnish Viv's House Competition!

Hello everyone! Well, everyone in the London area, for this particular post.

It's almost time for me to move into my first unfurnished home, and so what I rather need is furniture!
I decided to make it a challenge, and a project.
I am offering illustrations in exchange - if you give me something from my list, I shall replay by drawing/painting your favourite animal, size and detail and such depending on the value of the furniture.
For a nice two seater sofa, for example, I'd give you for example a watercolour portrait of your pet dogs playing chess if you wish. For a chair I'd give a doodle of a dinosaur (or whatever you fancy). Original artwork for you to keep, that is.
If you have something to offer, get in contact and send me a picture, and if it suits the house and can somehow be transported there, you can make your request. Hepp!
I already got a nice dinner table...

I require:

  • a bedside table (or two)
  • a standing lamp
  • a sofa (clean and comfortable)
  • a coffee table
  • some bookshelves
  • some plain shelves to store stuff in the garage
  • a chest of drawers
  • four chairs
  • a housemate

The last item would be especially awesome. I'll advertise on Gumtree etc. very soon, but if you know someone nice who'd like to live with a children's book writer/illustrator in South London (zone 2), get in touch now... good sized double room available from 1st of September. Have your own bathroom if you like. Professionals and non-smokers only. No pets.

Right, I am looking forward to whatever happens with this! Contact details here.


Ella Butler said...

Hi Vivianne, good idea! Me, my husband and our little boy are also moving into a new (rented flat) at the beginning of Sep, and I know the trouble finding furniture! We have begged, borrowed and stolen our furniture, as well as some good finds at car boot-sales and EBay (hooray for the double joy of recycling and bargains that car-boot sales and EBay are!). I could offer you a jolly yellow toaster if you would be interested... Good luck! Ella (a regular reader of your blog - good work!) X

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hello Ella!
Thanks! A toaster I have already... a red one.
Exactly, I wasn't enjoying myself much looking for furniture, and this seems like a fun experiment...

estella said...

hum, i am a professional non-smoker on the lookout for a roommate and i have far too much furniture. too bad about the distance! good luck and congratulations on finding the house! x e

Viviane Schwarz said...

Dang it! :)

Anonymous said...

hello viv, if only you had asked for a lady housemate, a man housemate, a 10 year old housemate and a 5 month old housemate we would have folded ourselves up like fortune fish and posted ourselves to you! good luck finding all your desired thingys, wish we were nearer to give you some contents as you have given us such beautiful content in your work and blog - much love sarah,quinton ( walker books illustrator too) cal and little mae ( not little My ! ) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Great news on your new digs! It must feel good to have a place you know you're going to land.

I read a bout a guy who made furniture out of fedex boxes. Pretty strong from what I understand...

Viviane Schwarz said...

Oh, hello you lovely people! I would enjoy getting a family in the post...
Thank you for the kind wishes. I shall get a sofa yet, and a friendly human.

Hah, yes, it's good to know where I'm going, Steph...

I am Lina said... You can get anything for free on there =]