Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fortunately, a plum tree.

Today I wasn't in the mood to face rush hour in the rain, so I stayed at the office late and managed to draw two pages of comic. I'll post one when I've got around to colouring it. Only two pages left now to finish the first chapter of seven!
I have been cycling again, I've finally worked out that it's actually not all that hard to ride on the road if I go at a decent speed. I've also tried out a normal bike, and I am feeling much better about my achievements on my little folding one. It actually IS a bit difficult to handle, and no, potholes don't make you flip over on a normal bike, and yes, on a normal bike you can signal without swerving. And you can pedal uphill at faster than walking speed. Okay so other people can do that on a folding bike as well, but... I'm just saying it's rather an effort. I do love my bike though, it does get me as far as I could comfortably walk, but faster. Not much faster maybe, but hey, it's an improvement. I was incredibly chuffed when I arrived back home after riding back from work on the direct road instead of taking the long way through the park, and it was faster than taking the bus. (So is walking, some days, but never mind.)
I felt a bit gloomy because there is just too much work to do, and it is raining, and I need to find a housemate and move house and buy furniture - exciting things really, but it doesn't always seem like that in the mornings. So I've been playing "fortunately/unfortunately" in my head, which usually sets things right. Unfortunately I need to spend loads of money on setting up a new house. Fortunately I can theme it all to make it like a Natural History museum... Unfortunately I agreed to tend too many plants for other people. Fortunately one of them is a plum tree... Unfortunately I still need to advertise for a housemate. Fortunately I will probably find a new friend that way. Oh I embarrass myself sometimes with my chirpiness. (Fortunately, it's part of my job.)

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