Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Digital Chalk

I forgot to draw the shelf in the background of some of these panels, so I just chalked it in to remind myself to draw it later. Actually, that looks kind of almost nice... I wonder...
Oh Sheesh, I forgot to draw the window as well. And the doormat. And that black sheep has some uncanny skills in moving all over the room without leaving his chair. And why is the ram losing all his wooliness in the penultimate panel? And why am I not keeping my reference sheets by the drawing table at all times?
This book is going to be fun to proof.

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Dave Shelton said...

Continuity is a bitch. I just recently did a throwaway 6 panel strip and the freedom that gave me to ignore continuity entirely and not worry about what went where in the room where it was set was just wonderful. I got the whole thing done in about half the time I'd usually take because there just wasn't all that damnable thinking to do.