Tuesday, June 8, 2010



I'm waiting in for a delivery, and am too tired to cook lunch... if I cook when I'm this tired I set fire to stuff... didn't sleep well at all last night... I would go out for coffee but I don't know when that delivery will arrive... and my roughs are at the publisher's, so I can't quite practise drawing scenes from the comic... and the only think I can convincingly make up is what I'm doing myself...
Waiting, waiting, waiting, thinking about food... if I take a nap, will I hear the doorbell?

In any case, pencil drawing is the way to go. This looks MUCH better I think.

I'm hoping someone's enjoying seeing my hit-and-miss approach to finding the right technique for a book. I've never been much concerned with style, I just draw the way I draw, really, so it's all about finding the process that makes my drawings look most suitable to the task at hand.

The name of that bear, incidentally, is Bonifacius.


Rima said...

I'm loving these Viv :)
Particularly smiled at the bear disturbed by the light!!
Keep going!

Eric Orchard said...

I'm loving them too! Bonifacius is brilliant. I really like this approach, the pencil and colour, it suits your characters.

Sarah said...

Hello, Bonifacius! He is very bonny faced.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thank you! Hmmm, I am enjoying drawing these guys small with pencils, I think that'll be it.

He is a bonny bear, is Bonno...