Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Book...

I seriously re-started working on the new book today - it's to do with Edward Lear's "Jumblies".
I did a lot of research last year, more than I realised, even though I remember spending time in the Natural History Museum's library reading every book they had on Lear.
I was amazed when I opened up my reference books and found them covered in notes. I'm very grateful to my past self for that - it allowed me to spend the day happily immersed in tales of exploration and adventure.
This little guy is one of the characters. I like his attitude.

Otherwise - I am still flat-hunting, and would be grateful for any leads to either a one bedroom flat or a nice flat-share in South London, Brockley area preferred, but others would be okay if it's a bright and cheery place. The one I looked at today was a fine size, and very quiet, but somehow it seemed a sad place. I'd like something more leafy and... happy. - I'd also be happy to go flat-hunting with other people who are looking for somewhere to live in London, surely there are some illustrators or writers or other like-minded people who'd enjoy sharing a house with me?
Get in touch!

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silverpebble said...

Hello, I was pointed in your direction by Celia, of Purple Podded Peas. She has knitted the three cats from 'There are Cats in this book' and given them to my two little girls! My youngest now takes Moonpie to bed every night and my eldest takes tinycat. Poor Alfie, being neither a fashionable colour amongst toddlers, nor teeny tiny is out in the cold but he sits on my bedside table. They are wonderful! I plan to blog about them soon as they're brimming with charisma.

Also The Jumblies! I have been reading Edward Lear to the girls. They both adore the quirky and rhythmic lines:

And they bought an owl and a useful cart
And a pound of rice and cranberry tart
And a hive of silvery bees.

How wonderful that you'll be illustrating this.