Friday, June 25, 2010

Me, Showing Off

What I haven't told you about was the CILIP Greenaway/Carnegie event at the BAFTA on Thursday. Where I was shortlisted for a medal. I didn't win. But... (these photos are all by Sarah McIntyre and here is her proper write-up of the event)...

I got to meet Chris Riddell and David Roberts (and lots of other people, but here I have photographic evidence you see)

I jumped in front of Neil Gaiman for press photos, and grinned like a loon... he did win his award, and gave a rather good speech which you can watch on Sarah's blog... I didn't get to talk to him because he was covered in other people, but that's ok. I quite wanted to thank him for being honest in his blog about the difficulties of being a writer because reading that encouraged me a lot when I needed some encouragement years ago, but that seemed a weird thing to fling at someone out of context.
Then I did a surprising load of impromptu cat drawings for the autograph-collecting children present, until my publishers dragged me off to buy me ice cream at the Fortnum and Mason's Cafe. I felt it necessary to order the most serious sounding one covered in fine honey. Then we turned half of it into champagne floats, which is about as rock and roll as it gets in picture books I believe.

It was a great event, the speeches were moving, I had loads of fun and I didn't mind one bit that I didn't win because it was an amazing shortlist to be on, and because I got ice cream anyway. Now go and read Sarah's proper report.

 (Alexis got ice cream, too.)


Sarah Dickson said...

hello, its Sarah (red hair) from the comica social. It was lovely meeting you :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Lovely to meet you too! I was very impressed with your matching eyebrows actually (not that they match one another but the hair). Hope to see you next time! Comica social was fun... :)

Sarah Dickson said...

hehe thanks, im always worried i'll smudge them!
yeah im hoping to make the next one. I really like your artwork and cute handmade toys :)