Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Equipment overload

Oh argh eek.
I got a bout of heartburn, I think, that doesn't happen to me often... ouch!!

It's become quite obvious that my talks with a visualiser are about six times better than the ones without. So...
...I went and bought my own visualiser after all, it just got delivered, and it's a nice one.
Suddenly, I technically have the equipment to do drawing workshops for how ever many people I like. It's an absolutely loviely piece of technology, this thing - it doesn't even need a computer attached to store photos and videos and spit them back out as needed. I can record bits of drawing performances, if I like, and plonk them on youtube in nice quality. I can read my books out so the whole audience can see them...
...and I really must actually do some paid events now to make the money back. AAAH IT WAS EXPENSIVE!!! Well, for me, anyway, I don't tend to spend much money.
That's the most serious piece of equipment I've ever owned in my life! I mean, even my computer is just a mac mini! I even freaked out over buying a ipod!


I can't even hide it in the cupboard for a month until I've calmed down - I have to do two more school visits in the next couple of weeks, so I need the thing! I better get some drawing exercises ready.

Ouch ouch I need some milk or something... cheesecake maybe... ouch... agagagagaaga!

Once I've recovered, feel free to book me to draw at your school.

Can someone post me an instant holiday?

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Janet Kershaw said...

Sounds like it's just what you need, and it's a good purchase. As for not being able to put it in a cupboard, couldn't you just put a cloth over it for a while, and pretend you can't see it.