Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Day In The Life

  • Wake up self shouting "Meh, bah, urrgh, bah" for some reason. Probably because shoulder hurting from drawing.
  • Writing down account of dream about decadent holiday resort where tame lions are released into jacuzzis covered with netting so neither tourists nor lions can get out.
  • Reading account of earlier dream about school trip to a desolate land that eats people.
  • Stumbling upstairs bumping into things and dropping things while making instant coffee, locating least crumbled slice of rye bread and spreading honey on it.
  • Coffee in bed, glowering at universe. Refusing to eat honey sandwich.
  • Grumbling at flatmate who is happily awake and checking email.
  • Eating honey sandwich.
  • Declaring that I don't care for this day one bit, repeating this in different wordings until can't think of any more. Grumbling into bathroom.
  • Emerging dressed. Complaining about belt. Why should I wear a belt when trousers stay up anyway?
  • Packing bag.
  • Discarding belt.
  • Packing bag some more.
  • Carrying bike downstairs.
  • Unfolding bike, fixing basket, wobbling out into traffic.
  • Almost falling off bike.
  • Grumbling.
  • Sudden seamless transition to cycling through sunny park greeting morning walkers. Hullo!
  • This goes on for a while.
  • Wondering about one-way systems and what the policy is on riding on the pavement and deciding to look up British traffic signs, they seem slightly unfamiliar.
  • Getting lost in Kennington.
  • Arriving at publisher's.
  • Aquiring two new bruises while folding up bike.
  • Discovering to my total delight that I can take the lift instead of carrying bike and bag upstairs. Awesome! It's got proper metal doors to slam shut!
  • Carrying bike up remaining flight of stairs.
  • Meeting editor. Drinking tea and eating chocolate.
  • Looking through roughs for graphic novel.
  • Cheering.
  • Making plans on what to do next.
  • Looking for an empty desk, being assigned a spare one by lovely picture book editor.
  • Drawing sock monkeys.
  • Lunch time! Out to buy tasty sandwich and eat it by the riverside.
  • Discovering Portugese specialty shop on the way. Buying Wasabi peas there, and a jar of artichokes, and tonic water. Hang on, Wasabi peas?
    They are particularly tasty ones though.
  • Eating lunch on Thames embankment with nice designer. Waving hands and being exasperated about people in a leisurely sort of way.
  • Walking back.
  • Drawing monkey again.
  • Deciding monkey is drawn well enough now.
  • Carrying unfolding loading up bike.
  • Getting lost in Kennington.
  • Cycling back through blazingly sunny park.
  • Buying four limes, some sugar and mineral water.
  • Arriving home. Folding bike.
  • Finding two books and a rain cape arrived in the post. "The Name of the Rose"? Cool! Haven't read that since I was tiny...
  • Trying on rain cape. Looking like twelve year old boy in a school play. Impressive! And waterproof.
  • Showering.
  • Watering balcony garden.
  • Making limeade with balcony mint.
  • Feeding budgies and finches. Admiring new finch nests. Giving them all a bath in the old lasagna dish.
  • ---after this, future predictions based on average day---
  • Dedicating the rest of the day to re-reading "The Name of the Rose" while birds dry in the evening sun.
  • Playing video games, Katamari Damacy most likely. - I thought I was reading?
  • Flatmate arrives back home. Apologising to flatmate for dropping his digital camera in the morning while making coffee.
  • Wondering what's for dinner.
  • Dinner somehow happens. I probably didn't make it. Hmmmm.
  • More video games.
  • Falling asleep watching Classic Star Trek. Kirk defeats another benevolent alien dictator. Good.


Dave Shelton said...

You read The Name Of The Rose when you were tiny? And enjoyed it enough to want to revisit it now? I just finished struggling through it recently (at the age of 42) and found it mostly rather a chore.

I did very much enjoy, though, one of the "In which..." chapter headings (quite near the end).

Viviane Schwarz said...

Mmm.. I think I was eleven, so not THAT tiny, to be fair, an extremely absorbent age. And it was the first grown-up book I was officially allowed to read (before that I'd been sneaking them off my mum secretly).
It does have a lot of STUFF in, am noticing that rather on second reading with now less spacious brain.