Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bear disturbed by light

I'm still experimenting. No, that's still not the way to do it... but it's starting to make sense.
I think pencil and ink stick combine well, but I shouldn't have used the felt-tip pen for the dark shadow, and I should have decided that there was light coming from the top before I started drawing. Shadows seem to be a main concern in this, actually, maybe I'll have to may out the light sources for every scene before I start drawing it.
Right now I'm thinking I should draw everything in pencil and ink washes and keep the other drawing implements just for drawing the scenery. And I should work quite small. And maybe I should use digital highlights at all, get all the tonality in the drawing and colour completely flat.

It's difficult getting the balance between spontaneous and messy...there's quite a lot of materials to learn to understand first. I think I need to do a couple of days of doodling to properly make friends with some of those pens I collected. At the moment I still feel a bit like many of them are just surprising acquaintances of mine, I keep asking them "So... what is it you do again?"


Janet Kershaw said...

I love that you share your process of drawing your characters. What is an ink stick, by the way?

Viviane Schwarz said...

It's a Chinese ink stick, the sort you grind on a stone to make a paste... nice because it allows for easy gradations of grey, and also the grinding is fun.