Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Airplane journey, January 2007

I think the first part of the graphic novel that I want to draw is a dream sequence in the sky. I've known for years that I'd eventually get around to it, so I've been keeping notes on plane trips.
Here's a section of a 2007 sketchbook (see, I do observational sketching sometimes)

As you see, I also had an idea for a series of pictures I wanted to draw (I still might).
I think the last two pages will be very useful, it's hard to remember what it's actually like to be amongst the clouds while sitting at a drawing table, I find.
I am rather fond of the drawing of turbulence over Rotterdam as seen from the window.
Oh, and: the seventh picture says "clouds look like this, but inverted", I drew them that way because it's very hard to draw something luminous with a black pen.
Here is the same drawing, but inverted.

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