Saturday, May 22, 2010


Gosh, how can it be this sunny when last week nights were freezing? That was last week, wasn't it?
I'm having a lovely day, tinkering with a new picture book script...
It may well be too odd, in which case maybe it should go into a collection of odd things. I think that would be a possibility, I've been meaning to try and make a book that's a collection of adventurous things, I figure that's a way of getting some stories published that aren't crisp enough to be picture books but still worth-while - fragments and ideas and oddities that linger in the mind, but that don't want to be a big board-bound 12-spread book to be enjoyed by a 4 year old in one session. A picture book (at least a British one) is a thing of strict discipline underneath the cuddly simplicity, and although I very much respect that it would be great fun to do something with some of the stuff that normally falls by the wayside.

But now I really have to do some work on the graphic novel, that is, I need to make my re-written script fit the last ten pages so I can rough them out, and then... then I can start drawing it for real! That'll be SO MUCH DRAWING...

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