Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sheep Sketching

I finally got my own copy of Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook, after about a decade of borrowing it from the library every so often. It's a facsimile edition of a sketchbook he filled with drawings of the sheep that were grazing around his studio.

I've been looking at his drawings a lot, both at Tate Britain and in print, because I have a notion something about those drawings is extremely useful for the sheep-themed graphic novel I'll have to artwork very soon.
I also nailed a box to the side of my drawing desk because I needed somewhere to keep bits of paper.I almost smashed it to pieces in the process, but managed in the end.
It really feels like a workstation now... but I'll have to get a new chair. I wish I could keep using my old one because I carefully sawed a hole for my tailbone out of years ago, but it's too low for drawing.

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