Saturday, May 1, 2010

Set Square

I put my graphic novel dummy under my pillow last night, just so I could stop thinking about it, like I used to do with text books before school exams.
It's such a challenge... I think as soon as I've finished this I'll photocopy the roughs up to full size and write in the dialogue to see if it works. I'm quite sure some scenes need adjusting to really make sense, emotionally, logically and entertainingly. - That's the triangle I am checking when I'm making books:
Is this worth reading? Does it explain or change something we care about?
Does this make sense?
Is the emotion true? Do the characters actually interact while following their motivations?

Like using an imagined set-square. If one of them is off, I re-work no matter what. I firmly believe none of them should ever go out of the window to make the other two fit. It's hard to see sometimes, though, and sometimes near impossible to construct. Hence long walks, posing of action figures, watching of movies, nerdy discussions, dressing up strangely, long intervals of thought with sudden distractions, and other attempts to attain mindfulness.

Today, however, I'll have a pic-nic in Regent's Park instead.


Eric Orchard said...

Am excited!!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Me too... well, not today, today I'm daunted. I'll be excited tomorrow again!