Monday, May 31, 2010

Pens and Divers

I got a calligraphy pen from the bookshop, it's fun to use, although I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. I think I might look through my drawers and find all my black pens and pencils and crayons today, I have a plan to try and draw something with as many things that leave black marks as I can get.

I had a lazy morning watching Dr. Who, pinching out and sniffing the tomato plants, yawning... and really I thought I might take the day off but I'm bored now. So instead I'll make a bean salad and then I'll transcribe all the changes I made in the graphic novel script while laying it out (quite a few, actually) so the editor can keep track of my scrawlings.
And then I'll try and draw something with lots of black pens.

Here's another comic I bought recently: "The Spider Moon: Book 1" by Kate Brown. I like it very much indeed.
The main character is incredibly endearing - I'd have been imaginary friends with her as a child. She also has a great pet, lives in an adventurous world under threat, she has a serious job as a diver and she wears the best trousers ever. There's a map, and a how-to artwork extra at the end - nice!
It's all been rendered with loads of loving attention to detail, well-observed expression, vast imagination - and it's beautifully coloured. I'm amazed and inspired.
And I really want to read the other parts now.


Eric Orchard said...

Really beautiful drawing.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thank you!
A season of actual drawing is drawing near here, after months of writing and scribbly sketching... I'm rather excited!