Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nice Conference, this.

I just got back from the annual Write Away conference... hah, it was fun. It's the first time I participated in an event that was pretty much all fun. I think I'm getting used to them, slowly. Also I was introduced as a "genius" and that always helps, after that I thought: oh I can say anything I like now, that's the most outrageous thing said already. Heh.

 I took part in a workshop on teaching philosophy for children, which felt really useful. But I decided to not join another workshop because I felt a bit disruptive... I recognised the feeling from school when my brain is buzzing with information and concepts and I want to ask too many questions at once, and end up being put in the naughty corner (well I used to, in school, anyway).

So instead I went to look at the current Wellcome exhibition of medical-themed art, which was brilliant... there was a very slow animation showing an imagined evolution from coelacanth to human which stared out from a video screen, and the human genome printed and bound into books so one could flick through, take a step back, look at it all and be amazed.
Then I went to meet my fellow panelists, had a chat in private and then a chat on-stage, which was very good fun. We talked about boxes a lot, I very much approved of that.
And Mini Grey drew me a picture of her cat to keep in my copy of "There are Cats in this Book" so it can play with the Cats.
I generally feel much more excited now about what's going on in education, all those people getting children to draw and write and be creative... Roger Stevens was especially funny and clever, I thought.

On the way back home I bought a copy of the Making Of book of the "Where the Wild Things Are" movie, which is full of brilliant things, actually. Both the film and the book. Although I had to watch the movie in French with subtitles because somehow that felt right, something about the original voices I couldn't quite take on first viewing, even though they were acted great.

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