Monday, May 17, 2010

I went on my first bike ride in ten years and now I am reading.

I'm glad I didn't get run over or anything. Bikes are awesome. Am feeling Personal Freedom.
Alexia taught me a beginners lesson in using roundabouts, pretending to be cars with stupid drivers, going "RRRMMM" and "I signalled - but I changed my mind! What are going to do!" which was very good, and much better than trying it for real straight away. 
We had a break in the park cafe, and I enjoyed locking the bike up and watching it while eating soup.
I made a correct choice on the way back on the real road, choosing between a car and a pothole in a narrow space. I chose the pothole.
I think I'll get the hang of this. Also I think I deserve a short break now.

I think Catherine Storr is awesome, too.

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