Friday, May 28, 2010

I cycled to work! Didn't do any work, mind.

Today I decided it's time to go on an easy cycling trip by myself, just up the nearest green route into Burgess Park, have a cup of tea and go back. Not go near any big roads yet. Just a lunch-time trip really.
Then, in Burgess Park, I got a notion that I might explore just a little bit further west, and before I knew it I was at Kennington Park, very near to where my publisher is, so I thought: I'll go all the way there and that'll be a Useful Achievement. Which it was. And so easy!
Then I had to go back, and I didn't have a map... I took a guess, and found myself quite suddenly in the Satanic Mill of Traffic grinding around the heart of Elephant and Castle. By the time it spat me back out I'd lost all ideas of avoiding big roads and such, or taking public transport (all completely crowded, and ladies with prams looking at me crossly). I turned down the offer of a nice old gentleman to take me home and cook me dinner, I said "here goes! ARGH," got on the bus lane with the other cyclists, and not knowing all the better routes home (there were several, I just checked, worst of all I went straight past Burgess Park again) ... I followed the bus, all the way along the biggest road there was.
Now it's several hours later... how many? Not sure. I'm back home, and I'm not getting back on that thing without a map ever again.
But I cycled to work and back!!!

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