Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drawing scanning coughing drawing

Ugh. I still kind of have a cold. I need to draw the proper artwork for a picture book cover today and scan it myself, which means scanning it twice in opposite directions and merging the scans to get rid of the watercolour paper dapple, and also size it up a lot as much as possible because my scanner only fits A4.
That's the fun part, I also need to hand-letter the cover type, which needs to fit around a circle, and it needs to be lettered with a brush and look reasonably neat, but not too neat.

I am feeling very grateful to itunes Genius today for taking care of my work playlist, throwing songs at me that are cheery in a slightly wary way, bouncy but not too annoying.

The Hay festival is suddenly very soon, and there's nothing more I can do prepare for my quick appearance I suppose - I'll be chatting and drawing and to some extent having breakfast with Grahame Baker-Smith and Anthony Browne in front of an audience (I think the audience gets coffee too) and then I'll run around the place to see what else is going on for a bit... I'll make sure to take my coloured brush-pens so I can speed-draw a whole load of cats. I'm not sure they know what they're doing there, giving me a visualiser and a free supply of coffee at the same time, I hope I won't injure anyone.

Ugh, I do feel a bit poorly.
Oh Larks and there's a book-launch in the afternoon. Arrrgh.

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