Monday, May 10, 2010

Desk Frustration

Desks. Why can I never have a good desk?
I've had a coffee table that I could only kneel at, I've had a desk hidden behind a huge birdcage, I've had a tiny desk with angular cohabiting boy's elbow always sticking over into my space knocking my ink bottles. I've worked sitting in bed with a drawing board across my knees, and at borrowed desks, and evil desks that collapsed onto my feet.

But I've managed to make the situation stupider than ever. I have no drawing desk at all because I left the one I had behind at the studio that I left a while ago. And I can't draw at a table that has a computer on it any more than I can draw at a table that has food on it or a pet or anything at all but art materials. Also my computer desk is too high anyway, when I work on it my hands go a funny colour after a while and my shoulders get cricked.. There's nothing for it, I must go to IKEA, buy a new desk and make space for it. So much for the days of having an almost sensible looking bedroom.
I've decided to buy a couple of very small ones so I can have one for the computer and one to draw at, and angle them into the room if needs be.

I really must get rich so I can afford a studio, this is bad for the soul...

On the good side, I've been tidying and tweaking my blog a bit, especially the sidebar, and my website as well. I'm quite pleased already, might even change the blog layout a bit more to give more space to "feature" links like craft instructions, videos and such.


Magic Cochin said...

Hi - I found your blog a few days ago and stumbled upon your enchanting knitted cats. As I'm twixt (that's a local estate agent's term that always makes us giggle) twixt evening stitching projects I knitted Tiny last night and will stuff him and give him a face tonight.

Have fun buying desks - I understand it matters. I have a drawing board for proper drawing and a computer desk. Both occasionally have ginger or tabby desk accessories - especially as 5.30pm when it's tea-time ;-)


John Peacock said...

Ooh! Redesign!

(Sorry, I usually read on RSS, so I may be behind the curve on this)

Have you ever tried a standing-up desk? I had my computer set up that way for a while. It was quite good for posture and my back, but it did make it a bit easier to wander away.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hello Celia! - Ooh, please send a picture of your knitted Tiny! I'd love to see...
Yep, drawing desk and computer desk MUST be separate, I insist.

John: No, the re-design is as of today. It's in progress, ideally I'd like to set up my own template to make the whole thing look more magazine-shaped, and then have several blogs running on the same page - separate ones for craft ideas, assorted ramblings and news maybe, but I'm still considering how much of that is too much. But it's better already, isn't it?

Must design and include some real menus on the main site, at last, and write some decent copy... it's a shameful shambles.

I did have a standing up desk for a bit... that would be good as a computer desk actually, but I have a low shelf fixed on the wall that would be in the way.
I think I'll have one desk sticking out into the room so people who come in have to face me, that'll be nice and executive. Might have to move all the other furniture again to make it work... alas.