Sunday, May 30, 2010

Colour Test

Am thinking about how to colour the comic. Bets to start thinking early, I figure. I'll draw it all in shades of black and grey, but it'll be digitally coloured in the end.
Am blobbing and scribbling loads of little drawings like this one, scanning them and fiddling with the colour balance... I might consult my process colour manual in some arcane way, seeing that I have months yet to decide on a colour scheme. I bought that manual years ago when I had to work out what colour to make the text panels in "Shark and Lobster" to go with the illustrations and the mood... I got really confused, until the art director gave me a process colour manual and said "mark up the ones you want in there", and so I did. Not that I understood what I was doing, but it was very reassuring to have all those tiny squares of colour, and numbers, and to be assertive and go "THIS one" and writing it down even if you have no idea why.
I still find it soothing to leaf through.

Anyway, this scene there will quite definitely be mostly purple.

(Am I blogging a lot this weekend? Yes I am. I'm not even telling you the really boring stuff, like when I went out on my bike in my lunch break, basket and all, to buy some fresh garlic on Lordship Lane, to put on pasta with all the fresh sage I picked up at the plant exchange, where I swapped it for some tomato seedlings and a Pinocchio Pepper plant, but I forgot my wallet and couldn't buy any, and so I don't know what's for dinner. See?)

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