Sunday, May 16, 2010

Colour-changing hamster

I digitally re-coloured a real watercolour drawing, experimentally, for someone who requested a picture of a white hamster that she could print on a t-shirt for her hamster-owning daughter.  I had a scan of a golden hamster portrait to hand (the original drawing belongs to my nephew). Seemed like a good opportunity to try out my new computer desk setup.
It came out quite nice.

I've also tidied up, and found that I won't need to send anything into storage after all. I love this room as it is, boxes full of old art and stacks of books included. Hooray! So now it would be time to do some drawing at my new drawing table. I'll have a go at the cover drawings for my next book, which incidentally also features hamsters...

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Swati said...

It did indeed.