Monday, May 3, 2010

Bird Dress in the making

It's a melancholy weekend. Raining and raining. I'm drinking tea made from curly leaves, with a spoon of white kandis in lime green rum. Both the tea and the sugar in rum were presents, which is cheery. The tea cup as well, actually.

I'm also making a new dress... this time one with pockets on the skirt. I'm making it from some fabric I bought on Rye Lane, and lining it with a yellow silk scarf, which was a present, too, some years ago. I think it's nice to re-purpose fabrics that way, every dress I've made for myself so far has been made from duvet covers, table runners, scarves and the like.
I'll have to un-pick one side seam because I forgot to sew in the pocket already, otherwise it's still going all right... I've added a discreet extra bird that lives in the right hand pocket, made from a fabric sampler I got in the post last year.
I think I'll finish it today...

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