Saturday, May 29, 2010

Almost All Done

HArrgh. This pinboard represents the last roughs I need to draw for my graphic novel, pages 72 to 89 that is. I am not drawing them in order, because I've found it's much easier to draw whatever scene I can imagine best at the time, and then fill in the gaps.
I needed to work up courage with a second breakfast because as the story goes on it becomes more about the things that scare and upset me, and I keep checking if I'm being honest with it.
But look, it's almost done!!! I'll actually meet this deadline, I think...
For some reason I keep finding spare space in this last chapter. I was even able to extend a few quiet moments for better timing... that's one thing the book might be lacking, enough quiet moments... I wish I could take some of this spare space and squish it in earlier, instead I think I'll have to rewrite bits and bobs of the earlier chapters to give them a bit of breathing space.

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