Friday, April 2, 2010

Visualiser! Yay!

Hello World!

Just a quick call for advice: Yesterday I gave a presentation with a visualiser (more of the event later), and I very much enjoyed it. I really dislike preparing and using powerpoint. The visualiser allowed me to do drawings, show objects and photographs in any order I liked, read out a novelty book while handling it physically instead of clicking through the pages... all brilliant things, I felt. So now I think I would like to buy my own, a portable one that will guarantee that I never have to do a powerpoint lecture again.
Does anyone out there have experience with portable visualisers? I'm thinking about a Lumens DC166 or DC133 - but I can't decide if the cheaper one is good enough, and if the more expensive one is worth the extra money, basically. I'd rather like to demonstrate bits of crafting and drawing as well as showing images and books.
So if you can tell me what you find matters most in a portable visualiser, please let me know. - Thanks world!

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