Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sudden treats aplenty! (But stupid sketchbook.)

Goodness me. I just had the best day ever: consuming baked cheesecake, chocolate cake, a very fancy sandwich, fresh mint tea, minted limeade, wine, curries of okra and potato and aubergine, and gold-coated ice cream. There were friends, and presents, and I found some nice bottle caps in the street to use as eyes for the glove monster I made. I suddenly own a pink Moomin mug, and a Moomin wash-bag, and a Moomin purse, and the second series of Twin Peaks (at last), several new toy animals for my collection... and a loaf of home-baked banana bread.
Who cares about the rain!

The only rubbish thing I acquired is a moleskine sketchbook. I needed a small sketchbook in a hurry, and thought: the paper can't be as awful as I remember. But it is. I can't decide now whether to cover the pages in oil which would make it okay to use pencils and crayons on (helps release the pigment in absence of texture), or just use it with felt tip pens or fine liners or whatever this seems to be designed for. I thought it would be okay to doodle in with a fountain pen, not even that, the ink sits on it nastily before reluctantly sinking in. I can't believe this is still the sketchbook of choice for the urban creative, it's more fun drawing on... basically anything I can think of. Yechh.
Also... ah I seem to have lost it already, on the train I guess. Well, that sorts that then. Good riddance.
(I do love their notebooks, though.)

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