Monday, April 19, 2010

Imaginary Frustrations

There's been some disappointment in small things, but it's balanced by new discoveries, like that we have a friendly hat-maker living in the neighbourhood and that Tropicana is making an orange and lime juice now which is already my new favourite beverage.

The frustrations really are minor... the worst one is the new series of Doctor Who, where they've somehow managed to get one of the most engaging actors ever to work his way through the most nonsensical scripts. I've gone from talking to the screen ("That's not what would happen... oh well") to shouting at it quite angrily ("No! No! NO! STOP THAT THIS INSTANT! NO!").
Yesterday I actually shouted at the Daleks to shoot the Doctor for about five minutes solid. Maybe there was some explanation for them not to, possibly I drowned it out myself, but I have a feeling there wasn't, they just didn't.
I don't buy the "It's for children" argument at all neither, even though yesterday in Toys 'r Us I saw a tiny girl pointing at the first action figure of the new season happily saying "Look, Matt Smith!" - Who ever made the rule that you can ignore logic completely when writing for children? And what's that about "it's a fairy tale, it's like a picture book" as an argument for any random thing? I find that disrespectful to fairy tales and picture books. And if it's just for children, why the relentless romancing? I think I'll stop watching it, too stressful.

Also I am still struggling with the new rules of Dungeons and Dragons - I went to my second Sunday afternoon game and completely failed to save the life of the priest I was guarding, despite the fact that I am supposed to be some sort of awesome sword master. I was just too busy trying to calculate all the different numbers and working out what square I should walk, jump or teleport to while my superior cleric was being slowly digested by a huge cube of jelly. Seeing that he was also my flatmate in real life, I am feeling doubly bad.
Also none of the more interesting tomato seeds are sprouting on my window sill.
Maybe it's time to have a nice hat made.

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