Friday, April 2, 2010

I Found Shoes.

Remember when I cut out the soles of my shoes because I would rather go barefoot, and can't stand shoes at all? Well, Yesterday I suddenly found my shoes. After all those years. You can't see it, but they have a very thin sole, and wearing them is a bit like wearing sturdy socks. They make you tread carefully because there is no cushioning, and you have to remember your paws and how they actually work instead of hammering down your heels onto a layer of foam with every step. And look, they are foot-shaped! See the little bulge for the little toe? Yay!!
I bought them in Brighton, tired out from an event, and put them on and walked to the pebble beach. I could feel all the pebbles under my feet, and was struck by such happiness that I just lay down, with my trolley bag full of sock monkeys and sketchbooks as a pillow, and had a nap. - These are Vivo Barefoot shoes, just in case you hate shoes too, and the thing in the background is the sea, in case you can't tell.


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

I really like the look of those shoes! My feet always hurt REALLY bad after awhile if I wear shoes that don't have support, though. I wonder if my feet need that support, or if they are just babied over the years and have become weak.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hmm, there's a big difference between shoes with no support but a rigid and/or partially cushioned sole and barefoot shoes, or going barefoot. If your feet are always supported, I'd say they are likely to have weakened, and you'll also have a shoe-wearer's gait, putting the heels down hard as you walk. If you walk barefoot, you learn to put your feet down gently but at first it literally feels shocking because you notice how much your shoes normally absorb. - I've found that I have trouble with my knees, hips and back when I wear shoes and it goes away when I walk barefoot, and my flatmate had similar trouble until he switched to barefoot shoes. I also find that feeling the ground under my feet makes me happy, in the way that's often recommended to ease bouts of depression: becoming more aware of physical surroundings may break a cycle of negative thoughts. Wearing normal shoes makes me gloomy and frustrated sometimes, as wearing boxing gloves all day might.

But of course that's anecdotal, as strongly as I believe in going barefoot, I'm no scientist. I just love those shoes!
(And I really dislike all those "imbalance" ones claiming that streets are too flat to walk on healthily, which I just don't believe.)