Friday, April 23, 2010


So I woke up to exciting news about having one of my books shortlisted for a medal. I did some work, and then I just felt befuddled. I wrote a few excited text messages and deleted most of them again because I didn't want to show off. Then I decided to just do the most boring thing I could think of, and I went to the post office to send off all my empty printer cartridges to be recycled. On the way I spotted a length of lovely fabric hanging up in a shop: a pattern of birds flying out of cages. I bought it to make a new dress out of, thinking: I'll need a new dress if there's an award ceremony and all that. Then I went into the supermarket and bought a small pot of sweet pea seedlings, and Supertramp's "Dreamer" started playing over the PA system, which nearly made me cry due to sudden childhood memory onslaught. The potted plant took this as a signal to explode all over the checkout for no discernable reason. The checkout-lady and I apologised to one another for a while as she scraped it back together, and I went home, where I've been sitting since and frowning.
Normal service will commence tomorrow, I expect.


I am Lina said...

Well done on getting shortlisted!
You'll have to put a photo up of your dress. I'm hoping to make some jeans, but I'm scared incase they go wrong. The materials been sitting there for ages!

Good Luck =]

Viviane Schwarz said...

Oh, I'm still planning what sort of dress to make... I'll definitely post pictures in progress...
Argh, Jeans, that sounds properly difficult!!

JKP said...

Congrats on being shortlisted! That's awesome!

Swati said...

Hugs are in order I think :) Befuddlement passes, excitement cools, but the fact remains. Well done!