Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vegetable Happiness

Yesterday I got a salad craving, so I bought and dressed a cucumber. When I started eating it my canary started jumping up and down and screaming at me. I moved the bowl about a bit and her beady little eyes followed it around, so I cut her a slice of cucumber and she ran at it and skewered it with her beak like a jousting knight. She's right, winter has gone on long enough and some fresh vegetables would be much appreciated all around... so today I crossed the road into Dulwich, where the richer people live, and visited the posh veg shop. I brought back two organic artichokes, a beautiful mango, a wet garlic and a lemon that was so perfect that I'm still cutting slices off the squeezed-out rind to dip them in sugar and eat.
I also bought some herbs from the garden center, and a strawberry plant that looks like it wants to achieve something. And best of all: my garden seeds arrived at last, so I can start growing this year's tomatoes and aubergines and beans and gherkins for the balcony...

So I shall eat the artichokes now, and then I'll sort through my events calendar again, it's gone to that point again where I'm not sure which event is which and need to mark them out in red on a big piece of paper.
Also my canary is running around my feet, what does she want now? - Ah, nesting material, unsurprisingly. For some reason she loves pulling the bobbly bits off people's socks for that. This morning she shouted at me for eating eggs, not that she disapproves, she just wanted some herself, especially the egg-shell which she likes to crunch up and eat for calcium, to lay her own.
I can see another year of tiny eggs and moody canary ahead.


Swati said...

I never knew of canary moods before: one learns something new everyday, no?

And mangoes? Good heavens, we haven't got mangoes here, and this is mango country. They must have been exorbitant!

By the way, what is a wet garlic?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Canaries are VERY moody, as far as I can tell, my canaries have both been moody...
Quick fruit and vegetable info: The mango was a bit expensive, true.
Wet garlic is just fresh garlic that hasn't been dried for storage, with the green end still on if you're lucky.

Swati said...

So that what it is - thanks! And incidentally, the vendor here got mangoes that very day I commented :)