Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things today

Good morning!
Hmm, I got a virus-bearing email today first thing and deleted it, but it's a good one, I'm sure it's causing much trouble elsewhere. Came from and pretended to have an invoice attached that needed printing out so I could reclaim a mis-addressed parcel from some depot. The only real information is the parcel date (13th of Dec, everyone sends SOMETHING around then) and the UPS sender. The receipt is a zip file, which contains an executable (I peeked inside carefully out of curiosity). So, delete it if you get it.

I shall go off to buy myself a figurine today so I can join a game of Hero Quest (with tailored rules I hear, potentially allowing rat warriors and such). I've not played any fantasy games in years, so this is a treat. - I still miss Dungeons and Dragons sometimes, but what can you do, I'm really quite bad as a dungeon master, and good ones (and especially ones that don't insist on a strict canon) are hard to find.

Two new things: I have discovered that I prefer good soy milk to real cow's milk, which is a big surprise, someone warned me against soy years ago and I just believed him. He always looked like he was going to cry at the mere mention of soy and then made a speech the gist of which got embedded into my brain... but it's faded, only a memory of retchy-face remains.
So I tried some, loved it, and have been having regular cereal breakfasts since, which is a big thing for me who normally can't face anything but coffee before lunch.

Second new thing: my latest project has taken up all of my mind. I'm pretty much off the internet, except to get reference for it. This, also, is unusual.

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Eric Orchard said...

Good luck with the project! Don't let the men in your life drink soy milk! It gives them I hear.Yay RPG fun!