Thursday, March 11, 2010

Target hit! Whee!

Hooray! I'm back up to speed. Four pages of comic laid out today. Dialogue rewritten again, seems to happen on every page, much as expected.
I am wondering whether I should keep a running list of things I have to work out how to draw while I'm producing these roughs... birdsong, for example, or an assortment of odd objects for a jumble sale, a man made of cheese, a Nautilus-themed central heating system (not steampunk, more dreampunk), all things I am just pencilling in so roughly only I will know what I kind of mean. Other things I am working out as well as I can as I go along, especially the way my sheep characters go about doing stuff from lazing on the sofa upside down to synchronised dancing and advanced martial arts.
I better not stop to think too often while I'm drawing this. Man, I am very glad it's me who is illustrating this script so I can still make changes! Some of the things I wrote are very odd, even to myself. Some of the things I am adding in instead are even odder.

And I am very grateful to myself that I made those 3D sets for the whole thing beforehand, else I'd be lost as lost.
I'll show you a few rough panels in a while, but first I want to catch up with the schedule some more.

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