Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday off?

I went to my first Comics Fair yesterday - I mean, the first one where I was on the other side of the table. I had brought a box of "Shark and Lobsters Amazing Undersea Adventure", that being the only comic of mine which I had to hand on short notice. I decided to be discreet and not try too hard to convince anyone to buy because after all my offering was a commercially printed picture book, and I didn't want to draw too much cash away from people who printed and bound their own, and whose fair it really was... I just wanted to see how my work went down with people who love comics, really. And it was a rather nice experience that way, people did like the art, they read it and laughed, I had some interesting chats and I got to draw customised sharks on demand into the books I sold (and the people who did buy the book seemed to really, really enjoy it). And I made enough profit so I can go to the movies and have a nice meal some time soon.

Today is a day off - more or less, because actually I want to lay out ten pages of comic to catch up, but at the moment I am thinking of my actual work days as days off, and days where I am marketing or discussing books as my work days.

And you know what, I am still going to make this a real day off and run off to play Dungeons and Dragons in a pub by London Bridge, right now, bye!


alexia said...

Ah, i was wondering if you sold much. Jolly well done. x

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you - and my girlfriend appreciated her embellished book, thanks!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Oh I'm glad that went down well... nice to meet you too!