Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still cold

Ah brr, I detest this cold. Why can't it be a comfortable one where I am tucked into bed reading adventure novels while someone brings me soup and entertains me with interpretative dance... instead I am shuffling around, buying food while trying not to look at the shelves because half the items are making me retch inexplicably, and cooking it up, eating three forkfuls and then flopping back onto my bed amongst a load of half-finished pencil pages for that comic which I've drawn about half of what I scheduled by today, simply because I've been to ill to draw at speed.
At least I've made an effort looking at the NHS page for colds, to check if it might be something serious, which it isn't, or if I should call the doctor, which I needn't, and I've read their list of suggestions and for the first time ever am trying things like eating ice lollies (may soothe throat) and putting warm flannels on my head and ears (may help somehow) and, yeah, keeping the heating on at night. All that stuff. Normally my approach is more like "stay in bed until it goes away and demand soup". I'm really no good at all that small-comforts-stuff, like herb teas and hot water bottles and strategic use of classical music, I think that requires putting a bit of one's mind aside to intervene and suggest such treats where I only have a simple mind that goes "RAH" and falls asleep when I feel bad. - Feels like useful exercise.

Right, am going back to bed for a bit. Then some drawing. In bed also.


Swati said...

Aww, get well soon. Sending some cyber warm soup your way.

Viviane Schwarz said...