Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Trusty Reader

Just in case you thought I'd never used that Sony e-Reader again that I bought last year, which would be very understandable given that I do own a netbook as well and that this gadget is really quite, um, particular... it has actually proved useful. I'm still drawing my graphic novel in cafes, and I always take the latest copy of the script on the reader. It's small, I can scribble notes on it as I could on print-outs, and the battery lasts for days, I can sit at a small table without it getting in the way, it's absolutely excellent.

That's a morning's pages with the frames worked out. As it turns out, a nine panel grid seems to be good for most things, and by now I'm working fast enough so one soy latte and one small pot of green tea sees me through three spreads. Then I am normally so pleased that I buy lunch, which is working out a bit expensive. But hey, the comic is getting done!

But not today, I took the day off to fix that dress and practise dancing, I'm going to a jive dancing evening tonight and had not tried the steps since about 1993. I fell asleep after experimentally dancing through most of "Best Of Elvis" and just woke up having remembered some more steps in my sleep, I think, but I won't know before I've drunk this here cup of tea to wake back up properly.


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Viviane Schwarz said...

My other pen's a Waterman.

But the Lamy is nicer for doodling loops between lines of writing, and not as bad to lose in a cafe, so I have one even though it reminds me of school.
In fact I have two, am rather worried about the other one because it's full of brown calligraphy ink at the moment, but lost in the house somewhere, and if I don't find and clean it soon I think it'll die.