Thursday, March 25, 2010


I woke up this morning feeling utterly cross. I felt cross yesterday already... simply because I didn't get to do any comic drawing at all, instead I was trying to organise all the things I'm supposed to do in the next few weeks. Events, meetings, birthdays, deadlines... and at the same time I couldn't find some of my important things (glasses, pen, hairbrush) and kept falling over stuff that I haven't got around to dealing with, and other stuff that has been displaced by that stuff, and I felt like somehow life was becoming seriously irritating in a small but constant way. I am not starting my days right. In fact, I still haven't had breakfast.
So I spent some time sitting on my bed admitting that I'm just irritating myself again by trying to not miss anything ("I can just leave a bit early and arrive a bit late, and I know for a fact that train doesn't REALLY take that long, and I can just re-think that bit of work while walking to that meeting...") - and now my diary is re-adjusted.
Phew, I truly am not used to this pace of things!

I really wish that pen would turn up. And my glasses. That's what you get for having glasses with really thin frames, I just can't SEE them.

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