Monday, March 15, 2010

Haircut (about time)

I gave myself a haircut last night in an attempt to look less like I've crawled out from under a rock made of my own fossilized snot, which is how I feel after a week of this cold which keeps returning at night. - I'm supposed to be videoed reading bits of the cat book and such later today, so that's why, and if I'd not been ill and hibernating I'd have thought of going to the hairdresser's first. But I think I look passable now, this is me groomed now. - I mostly just cut off the bits that stuck out too far, seeing that my hair has decided to be at odd angles of late. Every time I pass a mirror, it looks like it's frozen mid-performance in some sort of experimental piece. Or like it's been waving at people.

I went out for a chamomile tea for breakfast and almost dozed off, first with my head on the table waiting for the tea and then with my nose stuck down the cup inhaling health-giving vapours. I bet I'm their favourite customer to have sitting in the window to make them look classy.

Must tidy room, also.

Oh, and: As Dave Shelton just deduced correctly, the White Sheep is doing a Kate Bush routine.

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Fr√łydis said...

"Or like it's been waving at people." Oh :)