Sunday, March 21, 2010

The General

I had a brilliant night out jiving at the Rivoli Ballroom yesterday, and so today I'm slightly slow. Which accounts for me forgetting my pencil sharpener when I went out to draw today's roughs, and so once it was blunted I packed up and went on to the bookshop.
To my surprise I bought the 50th anniversary edition of "The General". I rather like Michael Foreman's illustrations in this, and have been thinking about buying it before, but I'm glad I didn't because look what a lovely cover they did for this reprint - embossed, gilded and with a pretty pattern underneath. Mmm. All that's missing is scratch -and-sniff flowers and gunpowder.

Now I shall sharpen my pencil and look for some reference for a whole page of jungle full of strange animals, and when I've done that, another chapter is wrapped. Whee! That's almost half the book done!

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