Saturday, March 6, 2010


Some days ago I visited friends to join them for a round of HeroQuest... I enjoyed it, but I missed the fun of making things up and telling a story instead of walking through dungeons rolling dice. I was firmly set in roleplaying mode without realising it for a while, expecting to find something interesting in every heavily guarded room (there are three skeletons in this room and nothing else? Not even a table with playing cards? Or a little skeleton dog to keep them company?) and barging around trying to be in character (yeah of course I search for treasure before I search for traps! There's a gold throne here and I'm stupid!) and so on.
I used to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager, so playing something that looked so similar but was really a tactical board game confused me so much that I ended up running in and out of the same room for most of the game, falling into holes and using up people's spells to save me, in short, not playing the same game.

Anyway, it was fun, and it made me remember how nice it would be to get a narrative role-playing game going again. I hope we will some time.

Back to drawing, 4 pages to go today! I'll check whether I can sit in the cafe downstairs and drink tea and watch the Saturday Customers for entertainment. Just need to print out a few views of the sets I've constructed for reference first.

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