Friday, March 5, 2010

Four a day (ish)

I'm trying to draw four pages of roughs every day, to get the whole graphic novel laid out by April. So far it's not quite working out, but I'm not worried. I mean, it's not working out as four pages a day, more like two... I'm always slow and awkward at drawing when I start because I get so little exercise between projects. It'll improve and speed up. At the moment I'm still going back all the time, fixing up earlier panels. Today replacing rubber-limbs with elbowed and kneed ones, flattening out the perspective a bit and adding dramatic shadows. - I am also re-writing the script as I go along.
And I know I'm supposed to have worked out how to draw all the characters before starting on the roughs but... well, I'm working that out as well. I figure after drawing 90 pages of roughs I'll have them worked out okay.

All in all, I'm having the best fun ever.

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Swati said...

:) Have lots of fun!