Friday, March 26, 2010

Arh, Space!!

I wish I could afford a studio, I really do. I've run out of space in the wardrobe to store all my non-essential items (that would be all the things I'd like to look at in my living space), I'm using my plan chest as a bedside table, I'm using my boxes of author's copies of my books as a shelf, I'm using my bed as a sofa, I threw away everything I could do without... sometimes I can really see why people want lots of money.
I just find it so hard to do things in the right order in the morning if the rooms are mixed up, I wake up in my workroom and start on my emails, then I remember I'm still in my pyjamas and can't decide whether to have coffee first or a shower... the jumble in the room jumbles my morning mind. I wish I could do things exactly the same way every morning, but how can I when my studio sprawls all over my bedroom? I thought going out to cafes to draw and write would solve it, but I still need to store all my materials here. Ugh. And it's such a lovely house to live in otherwise!!
Why does London have to be so awfully expensive - a studio would cost as much as flat for two in Berlin (that's my estimate, anyway). Arrrrrrrgh. Ah, whatever, I'll have another go at tidying, pruning and compacting today, and then I'll stand on the balcony with boggly eyes and grinding teeth, and then I'll do some work because some work needs doing.
Some re-invention is needed. Good thing Spring is coming, and that I can go out on the balcony again sometimes... except there's a cafe next door with people watching me while drinking their espresso. They can actually look right into my room as well.
Grrrnh. This reminds me of the time I got so wound up that I got myself a cardbord box to sit in and painted it with beautiful cloudy skies and far horizons on the inside.

In fact, you know what? I'm going to stop fussing and start looking for a small studio in the Peckham area. - Let me know if you know of any! Just a bright little room for one somewhere, why not. Might never happen, but looking is better than complaining.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Swati said...

That is so true! All the best for your search.