Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I just noticed the file size of the artwork for my new book which I was trying to stick onto flash memory - Wow!
I trimmed the files as much as possible, dumbed down the smart layers and now it's compressing - the progress bar is teetering between "14 hours" and "About an hour".

It's been a lovely day, actually. I went and wrote some novel in a cafe, and just when I had finished what I'd set out to do a couple of friends appeared and we had a chat. One of them is rather old and had some great stories, she remembers the war better than whatever happened yesterday. - After that I trundled my new trolley-bag to the studio and filled it with pens and notebooks, and trundled back happily. It's a great bag, I feel like I got a new car (and since I don't have a car, it is kind of the equivalent, by my standards). With some luck I'll manage to clear all my things out of the studio this week and hand over the keys.

Hmmm, now the progress bar has jumped to 48 hours. I better get the external drive ready, this will never fit on a flash disk!

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